Bring ease and comfort to daily activities by learning how your brain is organises and controls movement. 

Do you suffer from a sore lower back or neck?

If If you focus on your problems, you have a problem for your life. 

When your brain learns how to engage the whole body in movement and all the different body parts and muscle groups move in unison, the risk of injuries decreases and aches and pains heal more quickly.

How can you stand, sit and move with ease and power?

Tap into the strength and support the skeleton provides.            Only when you access your skeletal support can the muscles relax and movements will become powerful and effortless. 

Coordination between the different muscle is the answer. 

Movement is like driving a car, you either have one foot on the accelerator on the break. When we are in pain, all the muscles tend to tighten. 

It is like having one foot on the accelerator and the other on the break simultaneously. To enhance performance and comfort your brain needs to learn which muscles to relax and which muscles to contract.

How can you create a long term, positive change?

If you continue to move in the same way that caused you the problem, it is just a matter of time before the problem comes back.

“Movement is like learning a new language”. First you have to learn correct pronunciation. When you can pronounce a word correctly, you can say it as loud and as fast as you wish.

Learn how your brain can change and improve the interplay between the various muscles leading to greater comfort in your body. 

Find out how you and your company can benefit from a Feldenkrais Training tailored to your needs. 

Start the process and experience  how you can move with ease, power and confidence.